City League Basketball.........A Sad State of Affairs

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City League Basketball.........A Sad State of Affairs

Postby opinions » Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:12 pm

Although I have been a regular reader of this forum for several years, I seldom post. However, this is a community issue and it is doubtful that the Sentinel would print this in the Letters to the Editor.....

So here it goes.............

Just a few minor observations/questions/concerns about City League Basketball in Sitka:

1. Is it just me, or have the referees gone from calling the games impartially and by the rulebook, to more of a political system where they vote for the teams and the players they like better when deciding their calls. Remember that refs are officials paid out of your team and players fees!

2. Does Community Schools even give a crap about the program anymore? It seems to cost more every year for players fees, yet there are less games. Less bang for your buck I guess. Sometimes only one ref shows or is scheduled depending on the game. Is this impartial? Additionally, Community Schools staff/management aren't interested in hearing complaints, constructive criticism or suggestions for improving the program?

3. THE WORST!!!! The lone scorekeeper all season long. I have been to many basketball games (professional, college, high school and city league, NOT just in Sitka)and have never seen any of the crap that goes on here by the scorekeeper. For example:
a. Wearing headphones/talking on the phone/texting while scoring a game. How can you see or hear a da*n thing? Oh wait, that explains why the book never matches what really happens in the games.
b. Openly, loudly, cheering for whichever team doesn't include someone she hates from either high school or the bar. How can you keep score and run the clock correctly when you are screaming for the team that you think should win? Save the cheering for the fans!
c. Yelling obscenities at players. On two separate occasions I have heard the scorekeeper tell a player to "F&*k Off" and to "Shut the F&*k up". These games are played inside the schools. Every game I have ever attended has had at least one child present. Is this the picture of sportsmanship I would like to teach my children? Not in this lifetime. Besides the fact that the players receive Technical Fouls in this league for using obscenities, not just on the court, but from the bench as well.
d. Becoming involved in the game. A scorekeeper should remain an impartial party. Other leagues actually have text in their rulebooks that state a scorekeeper shall not interfere in a game, dispute the call of any referee or other league official, or conduct themselves in any manner that would appear unsportsmanlike. Here our scorekeeper tells a player that she would "Foul him out right now" because he had asked for the number of fouls another player had. Last time I checked you couldn't get T'd up by the da*m scorekeeper.....

Just wondering what others thought. It is in fact our money that runs the program. Not sure if the keepers of the pocketbook care what the players and fans think. But hey, it is just my opinion right?

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Re: City League Basketball.........A Sad State of Affairs

Postby saltine75 » Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:54 pm

I am definatly behind you on this one. I just played in the lower division championship game, and it was obvious right from the begining what team was being favored. My team had over twenty fouls called on us opposed to the maybe five against the other guys. Its weird how rules are different depending on what team you play for. Another majorly noticable thing is the lack of knowledge to the rulebook, alot of things do or dont get called just because the ref does'nt have a clue.
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Re: City League Basketball.........A Sad State of Affairs

Postby sleepers1605 » Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:06 am

so i have recently moved here to sitka and was wondering how i could get onto a local basketball team here. I have been watching the tournament at mt. edgcumbe and would really like to start playing again. Im 6'5 and in pretty good shape. just would love to start playing again.
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